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Represent ArtCenter education in a unique way.


Problem framing- asking the right questions to reframe a problem/brief.

WHAT IS artcenter education?

ArtCenter is like a fast food restaurant, preparing designers to go.

WHAT would artcenter serve?

ArtCenter has a culture of "come and go". It has fast-paced, rigorous programs. From the first day of the orientation, students ask each other: "When are you graduating?" The food should reflect that experience.


of a product designer?

The ingredients of the burgers are based on the characteristics of majors. This is "the product designer" burger.


The lettuce - every product designer needs visual communication skills.


The patty - the core ingredient of designers is asking questions, and exploring to find best solutions.


The tomato - it is iteration skills

by making.


The chili peppers - with the right amount, you have a great burger. Be careful,  it can get spicy.


The bbq sauce - it is the final touch required that takes the concept home.


The cheese - it melts and brings

the concepts together. 

Serving burgers

at artcenter

The product designer burger comes with a signature patty, shaped as a question mark to indicate flavors of curiosity and asking questions.

The research cheese is a post-it note. The prototyping tomato slices are laser-cut MDF. The crunchy sketching lettuce is pages from fresh designers' sketchbooks. The teamwork chili peppers are glitter.


And, of course, the burger is served with tearshake, with differently flavored tears ranging from good crit, broken model, and all nighter. 


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