Brand identity, packaging design

Programs used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Indesign, Solidworks, Keyshot

A body-care brand for bodies with and without

hair, and aims to make body hair removal a choice for women.

For this project, I conducted in-depth primary and secondary research to investigate the existing stigma and prejudice around body hair. The insights from the research shaped the brand identity design and product line.

Duration: 14 weeks


“It felt like my body had betrayed me by producing this hair, which now had to be taken care of.”

Anonymous, 29

Brand Opportunity

The growth is being driven both by consumer demand for better feminine-focused products and brave brands adopting sensitivity and humor in the conversation of feminine care.


Bushbomb aims to make body hair removal a choice for women.

It offers a product line consisting of two specialized products: Bare Care for skincare, and There Care for haircare. 


Bare Care

With shaving and waxing, the key is taking good care of the skin. Specifically designed for intimate skin, the signature serum gently moisturizes skin, soothes burns, reduces itchiness, and prevents ingrown hair.


There Care

When hair is there, the importance lies in taking good care of it. Specifically designed for pubic hair, our signature blend of oils softens hair, reduces ingrown hair, and moisturizes skin for silky hair and smooth skin.Get ready for lusher bushes.



Each formula is crafted exclusively. Bare Care is formulated with organic aloe juice, organic rooibos tea extract, and niacinamide for soft, soothed, and radiant skin. There Care features organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and tea tree oil for silky hair and glowing skin.

No parabens or sulfates. No synthetic fragrances. No animal testing. Nothing bad, everything good.



Opening a package should feel like a self-care gift. Keeping sustainability in mind, the packaging for the products is designed to be cohesive with the brand language: playfulness.



The keywords that guided the design are bold, playful, and sophisticated. The forms of the products were designed to capture the essence of these guidewords, to visually give life to the attributes of the brand.

Moodboard. Visually capturing the brand attributes by bringing together textures, colors, and forms 
Color Palette. Extracting the colors from the moodboard to create a color story
Materials. Choices of materials are based on their environmental impact and cohesiveness with the brand visual story
Process. Combining all the existing elements for a cohesive visual language

Perspective #1



Perspective #2


Perspective #3


Research Behind the Brand

The user research for this project has been conducted from three main perspectives: psychology health, and social. 

For psychology, the central questions were "How do women feel with body hair?", "How do women feel without body hair?", "What is the impact of choosing to remove body hair versus or not to remove body hair?" whereas perspective of health investigates "Is it better to remove/keep the hair?". From the social perspective, the questions arise in portray of body hair in media, the evolution of trends throughout history, and the influences of society.

Shifting Trends

With the influence of feminism, body positivity, and inclusion movements, body hair is under the spotlight. Starting the conversation is critical, and the influencers on social media tackled this by creating the hashtag #januhairy.

Brands are adapting to this shift by launching new campaigns that prove their presence with this trend.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 15.20.48.png
Body hair trends enhanced by celebrities and brands

Intimate Insights

An anonymous survey with nearly 200 women participants investigated women's attitude towards their body hair and their feelings with and without body hair. Following insights have been extracted from this survey done. This research was used to understand the brand's customer behavior and emotions to create an accurate brand language and product line.

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