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HP Inc. + ArtCenter partnered for fourteen weeks, to build human, holistic, and essential computing experiences.


With this project, HP Inc. encouraged us to approach creative concepting from a more strategic point of view

-beyond the usual hardware focus. 

what is cosmos?

cosmos is a portable computer that allows creative professionals to collaborate and unleash creativity without boundries. It instantly makes any surface interactive for creative professionals to ideate, store, and access information

in the cloud.

research insights

it is your personal tool. 

explore microcosmos.

the hub

it is your collaborative tool. 

explore macrocosmos.

cosmos is a harmonious system of products

By dictionary definition, cosmos means "the universe seen as a well-ordered whole". We took that philosophy and created a system of tools to create harmony in the workspace.


With Cosmos, creative professionals work together in harmony to ideate side by side; and Cosmos works seamlessly to organize and store information in the cloud.

the pen

the cloud

As you spark ideas, all your work is saved to the cloud. You can review or comment anytime with your teammates.

the ecosystem

The hub, pen and cloud are not three separate devices, these are an interdependent system.

They form the cosmos.



infinite ideation, everywhere.

The hub is portable and makes every surface interactive to ideate. You can take it anywhere to spark your ideas.


Multi-touch projection technology creates an endless canvas, so your team never runs out of space. 

With accelerometer built-in, it can tell when you switch from horizontal to vertical, table to wall, and adjusts the canvas.

place the hub on the table to sketch,
on the wall to discuss ideas,
or the floor to explore ideas 1:1 scale.

all ideas considered.

With the cosmos app, all the collaboration is located on one platform. While all the ideation is going on, everything you write and sketch by pen is saved in cloud. No more cluttered desks and taking photos of whiteboards. 


After the meeting, you and your team use Cosmos app to review the meeting, see a timeline of your session and make comments.

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